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Any website owner or blogger can tell you that choosing the right web host can be a very stressful task. This is even more stressful when you are doing this for the first time. However, it does not have to be if you understand certain points before you start. These points will include the history of the web host, the server hardware and uptime, available backups, the price, the support on offer, network connectivity and software.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, A Small Orange no longer provides exclusive discounts for us to share. Because of that, we’ve included other hosting companies you can use here, with the lowest possible monthly rates below.

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It is important that you understand this information as it will determine which web host is the right one for you. Before choosing a web host you need to research all this information. Choosing a web host without this information could lead to poor uptime on your site and a loss of viewers. Whether you have already decided to work with A Small Orange hosting or you are still researching, this article will help.

The History Of The Web Host

Many people do not realize that if you have the right resources and desire it is fairly easy to set up a web host company. All you would have to do is order dedicated servers or apply for a reseller hosting account. Once this is done you need to set up your sales site and choose the name of the company. This is all you need to start a web host and this is why you have to see what the history of a company is before you buy a package from them.

As it is easy to set up this type of business there are a lot of web hosts who are not worth what you pay for them. People who quickly set up these companies usually do not offer the support you may need and there is also a greater chance of the hosting company shutting down without warning. You may also experience a lot of downtime on your site and not be able to contact the company for answers.

You should look for a web host that has been around for a number of years and that hosts a lot of websites from around the world. A company that has been around for years, is more likely to be financially stable than one that has suddenly popped up. You should also consider looking at reviews of the company. Successful web hosts get a lot of their business through referrals from existing members and if reviews for the company are good then you should consider them. Additionally, hosting companies can provide discounts or specials. You can find A Small Orange coupons and discounts online.

Support And Customer Service

Any web host worth their price will be able to offer a great product along with great support and customer service. You need to be able to contact your web host if there is a problem at any time of the day, any day of the week or year. This ensures that your website or blog is never negatively impacted from the customer service that the web host providers.

You should also consider the methods of communication that the web host offers. If you can only email them you will have to wait for a response and this could be detrimental to your site. If you can call them you need to ensure that they have numbers for the country you reside in. Most good web hosts will offer a live chat facility where you can speak with a customer service representative at any time.

The Server Hardware And Uptime

A lot of people assume that all servers are the same and that they simply need to be connected to the internet to access them and transfer their data. This is not actually true as there are many different types of servers that web hosts are able to use. It is imperative that the web host you choose has the right server hardware and that the configuration enables the largest amount of uptime for your website or blog. The servers also need to be able to handle certain amounts of traffic and you should be able to set up your website on them fairly easily.

Ideally, you will want a web host that offers you as close to 100% uptime as possible. They should also have servers which meet your needs in terms of site speed and space. You also need to consider the actual hardware of the server as this could affect the security and speed that is on offer. Ensuring that you have good uptime is important because you will not have traffic to your site if the site is never up and running.

Network Connectivity

The backend solutions and connectivity of the host are just as important as the hardware they are using. You need to check what the connectivity speeds of the host are and determine whether or not this is fast enough for your site. You can have the fastest computer in the world connecting to your site, but if the connectivity is poor the site will still take very long to load and this generally leads to visitors leaving before they see your site.

If you are unable to find the network connectivity on the web hosts site you should consider contacting them or looking at reviews. Reviews will be able to tell you if the host is slow and which packages people have bought from them. Fast connectivity is important not only for user experience, but also for search engine rankings as slow sites are penalized by the search engines.

The Backup Options

Most people know that they should have a backup of the information on their computer. You should be doing the same for your website or blog as you never know when something could happen and you need to restore the information. The web host that you choose should offer backup solutions which hold all the information on your website. Of course, you will generally have to complete the backups manually, but the solutions should be available.

The Software

When people visit your website they will see the information you want, but their computer is going to be reading other background scripts. These background scripts relate to the software that your web host is using. You need to ensure that the web host you choose uses the latest software and that they often update.

The Price

As with everything in life, you have to consider the price of the packages the web host offers. However, you should not simply choose a web host because they are the cheapest solution as this can lead to other problems. Finding A Small Orange promo codes can be helpful during the process to save some money. However, the price should be considered along with the other information to make a fully informed choice.

Unfortunately, A Small Orange no longer provides exclusive discounts for us to share. Because of that, we’ve included other hosting companies you can use here, with the lowest possible monthly rates below.

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